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You can see the locations of the stickers on the Turbulent London Map. ACAB crops up frequently, in various fonts and colour schemes. The previous three stickers refer to police in general. This sticker is even more specific. Henry Hicks died after being chased by two unmarked police cars in December This sticker also relates to a specific case. Ian Tomlinson famously collapsed and died after being struck by a police officer at the G protests.

There has been a lot of controversy over the pat few years over the policing of student protest. I found this sticker close to Senate House, part of the University of London, which suggests it may also be connected to the controversy over student protest. Some stickers feature the logos of the groups who produced them.

Ascoli, David. If i punched someone I would expect one back in return!! So if by resisting arrest they are lashing out at a copper they risk injuring him and he is well within his rights to defend himself. You obviously don;t read comments in any detail do you or you would have seen this part of my post. You must have a different set of strengths for use in work and life generally — people skills maybe?. When you were aged around 10 or so, did no-one ever introduce you to or try to explain the concept of irony? Your approach can be a good one in sometimes and I am very tempted, but it does tend to obscure blot out the more important issues being discussed on a grown-up debating site like this one.

Lol, some fair points and I shall take them on board and try and restrain my outbursts and kepp them civil. I will happilly debate on any topic but I find some of them so utterly offensive that I need to vent, this one in particular has really wound me up. A policeman intervenes while you are being assaulted through no fault of your own during the attempt at restraining your attacker then behaves violently towards the officer. All run by the mysterious Mr Void who happily sits there posting these threads but seldom steps in to defend his point of view. Anyone thought that Mr Void could actualy be David Cameron secretly stirring up unrest to destabilise the government to force clegg out or vice versa lol.

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Bellend, write what you like it is supposed to be a free country. I am personally not going to engage with you. I am now getting off the roundabout before the discussion gets circular. Bye, Troll. OK, I admit it. I am a Daily Mail reader. Somehow — and I am not sure how I have managed to curb my emotional reaction to your somewhat bigoted comments. It might be more productive for me to carefully consider my answer and write it in grammatically correct standard English…. Point the tip of your your right forefinger on your right temple and say red backwards, and in the meantime I will consider carefully how to answer your comments in English, phrased and spelled correctly.

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It will take me some time because compared to you I am obviously stupid…. Well said JV. Mummy hit you too much? Sad, fearful, little piglet. Actually I had a lovely childhood, both parents are still together and raised me to think for myself and not blindly follow other sheep. Do I think the majority of people posting on this site are idiots? Do I value your opinion in any way whatsoever? In conclusion you may call me whatever you see fit, I was also taught that sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

Uh huh…. A bad person you are……. If a policeman was hit in the course of doing his duty, that is as they say collateral damage and as a so called servant of the state should take it all in his stride. If someone that was having a psychotic episode lashed out a policeman that was trying to arrest them would they deserve a good punching also by the police.

Your argument holds no water and if such a brutal bastard as you work either in the police or the mental health sector god help the mentally ill. Should it be acceptable for fireman to be punched? How about Nurses? Or what about an ambulance driver? I notice you are another one who refuses to answer the question about what they would do if someone punched them? You are actually arguing that breaking the law is justified if there is violence in the equation. Any kind of anti-social behaviour is totally unacceptable in a civilised society, no matter who the perpetrator, so called criminal or police.

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No professional group, or, ostensibly, their employers condones or tolerates violence against staff, but reality dictates that when you are dealing with all members of society you will inevitably be dealing with the less savoury as well as the wholly decent. You are living proof of this, fitting in as you do to the former group rather than the latter, though I suspect your own inflated opinion of yourself puts you in the latter group. A policeman punching someone ceases to be a policeman and becomes a criminal. Professionalism demands that the police do not retaliate and strike back.

Firemen, nurses and bus drivers should not be expected to be assaulted any more that a member of the public in their day-to-day activities since it is not part of THEIR JOB! So why is it that more and more Fireman, Nurses and Paramedics are being assaulted whilst carrying out their everyday jobs? It is not to take punches and to be physically abused, in the same way that neither you or I should be!! Those kids in the town centers have all been robbed of a decent education and their parents deliberately addicted to pharmaceuticals and drugs.

All by the minians of the system, you know those ones you call politician. The system is not broken, it works exactly as it should and people like you are all part of the problem. Society is on a precipice of total destruction. Wake Up Sheeple!!! Your questions all have answers you just need to seek them. Where abouts are you in the world? Ps to answer you question I would not immediately retaliate if someone punched me, my immediate reaction probably within a nanosecond would be to question why they had punched me.

So, no, despite the police needing properly regulated by an external body, and despite the common assumption that the police always tell the truth being a wrong one, not all police are bastards at all. Just as in most other professions, while some of them are scum, or a mixture of good and bad like the majority in every profession, some are very decent and admirable people doing their best by everyone and putting themselves through a lot of stress and fear and risk to do it. Duncan gives a lucid account of his objections to the headline which is fair and people can come to their own conclusions.

You type with BIG CAPITAL LETTERS shouting is stereotypical behaviour for an ignorant ranter , the very name you have chosen is not indicative of contributor who desires to enter into constructive dialogue, and whilst you claim to work in the mental health field, and very little would surprise me nowadays, it seems barely credible that you would be let loose with ill people. Therefore, I guess, a lot of people will take you are a troll. There are very few whistle blowers in the public services simply because they are employed on the basis that they will shut up and do as they are told, any frustrations they may have with this can be taken out on the public they claim to be protecting or representing.

Ofcourse they all stick together and back each other up, that is why there has been no prosecutions for those responsible for young people dying in police custody, nor any responsibility or blame apportioned to those working in the health services either for neglect, cruelty or culpable homicides. Blah Blah Blah Guy, I think you need thicker tin foil for your hat before the government tries to steal your thoughts. I have to take some issue with you there Guy. There is a very real culture of fear surrounding reporting malpractice, and very often those who do choose to speak out find themselves victimised, even where they were bringing to light legitimate concerns that are protected by whistleblower legislation.

To challenge those policies and procedures can be career suicide, as one risks being seen as a troublemaker. Though I was unhappy with the decision, I was overruled by a superior. Have you heard of youth unemployment? Yes there are young people working as doctors,nurses etc, but I wonder how long for if this government have their way, they too may find themselves on the scrap heap, but ofcourse you will argue they will probably do something productive like working voluntarily or whatever. Are you saying there is no benefit to be gained from voluntary work lol? The name gives the wrong impression.

Some people may not be guilty of anything, for example. The Police are there to prevent crime, sanction it, and bring it before the court — not to dish out punishment themselves. I agree in extreme cases, a smack might be the only way of putting an end to a bad situation.

But we see so many examples of this force being used wrongly. I witnessed an officer throw a guy off a brick wall once — simply for stumbling around drunk, chatting to people in a friendly way, outside a pub — just one small example there. The blanket approach should be to remain calm as long as possible, and only use extreme force if absolutely justified. Even those in jobs are being screwed over by this government. To that end, it will be pointless for anyone here to attempt to educate you.

I wonder what percentage of people would choose your option of retribution, the vigilante approach. I even highlighted a film where children who were taken from their birth parents, put in care then relocated thousands of miles away to be turned into slaves, both work and sex slaves by a religious community all at the behest of the British government.

Was anybody prosecuted for this? Guilty by mob proxy. People need real jobs with decent wages not more training or apprenticeships which are limited and selective despite what you may have read. As for the film about sex slaves, the people responsible should be put into prrison and left until there was nothing left of them apart from bones. Mob Mentality is the worst decision maker on the planet these sites border on mob mentality on occasion, just look how many people have wished me harm because of my OPINION on this thread alone lol?

As for campaigning……….. I work for a non profit organisation that has done more for people in shit circumstances than any other organisation in europe. I have helped over people get back on their feet in the past 3 years although I work more on the mental health side now , everything from arranging housing sheltered or otherwise , jobs, clothes and training for jobs.

Johnnie void is the offensive objector a friend of yours? You have been on demonstrations and seen police brutality with no repercussions, do you want those that are targeted by this police state to accept there are no repercussions for them, but they should be some for those operating within this police state and charged with gbh or whatever. Have you seen the brutal way the police act to others who are unaware of their actions namely drunks, or those who have had their drinks spiked, all televised for the consumption of the sadists both watching and acting their part in the name of the LAW.

Absolutely disgusting.. When I was in hospital, I was in with a nurse who had problems coming to terms with being sexually abused, yet she was employed but on sick in a prison which included treating sex offenders — how sick is that? Some people are clearly in the wrong job. Whatever it is he calls himself gets some kind of twisted pleasure out of kicking people when they are down, people he thinks himself to be better than. He serves, also, as a stunning indictment to the present system, needing it seems — a tin foil hat….

You can be minding your own business and they approach you and go for you… Breathing while black. Sometimes, though obviously emptyhanded, accused of burgling a house! Reported late Another experiment cited is the Job Application study. A CV and job application with a stamped addressed envelope, photograph of applicant, etc.

So all the person finding it has to do, is put the stuff in the envelope, seal it and mail it. The address is a PO box or the address of the experimenters. In all respects bar one the stats on the CV is the same, so as candidates there is no difference. Except one candidate is white and one is black.

Experimenters found that usually people mailed the one for the white candidate only, not if the candidate was black. A close version of the experiment was done with invented candidates in jobs requiring photos , with high qualifications, for real jobs. The experimenters sent the forms and applications and photos to the real employers, and recorded the responses of the companies. Candidates offered employment or interviews were usually the white candidates. TV Nation did a couple of campaigns.

One was where a white man and a black man try to get a taxi. The black man carried a baby and a bunch of flowers. If that was the s you might think we have moved on, after all, Obama is president. But in there is a campaign by the Tea Party Movement for the USA to drop all mention of slavery, black history, civil rights, the reasons for the Civil War, black rolemodels etc. Petitions on Change.

They made signs saying for the police to leave him alone. The police and other enforcement agencies in the UK are recorded as racist in other sources: -The undercover reporters who filmed the police including at police training college, being openly racist. Some officers were sacked as a result. It then became a sackable offence to be an official BNP member if in the police. Unofficial members and supporters continue in the police. Also decisions to deport are often being made by known racists. Aside from debating race or religion, there is another group that may be targeted just because of who they are or are perceived to be and how they look: The deliberate targeting of the poor or people perceived as poor , as if poverty equates to criminality and immorality.

A police officer comes up to her and punches her in the head, knocking her down. I heard that an officer got prosecuted over this In the UK we have cases like the killing of Ian Tomlinson newspaper seller not demonstrator, walking away. The tasering of an old blind disabled man who had a white cane. The shooting of unarmed suspects falsely reported as armed. The use of tasers and teargas on nonviolent environmental protestors including children. Including the raid on a camp that had done nothing, the beating of people, and the stripsearching of children, and destruction of personal property activists were staying overnight in a school.

In this case the police were found to have acted illegally.

There are racists in the police still, and other police could be accurately described as corrupt, lazy, or incompetent. This applies not just to the police but to any group or institution. Whistleblowers are not popular. A lot of them went undetected or unpunished for years before ending up in the tabloids. With every mentioned victim there could be many more who have not come forward. If any complaint against the police is taken seriously at all, the people who investigate it are: the police.

In that kind of situation an individual has to be in a position of power and influence in order to effect any change, and how often would a decent, fair minded individual stay long enough in that kind of environment? I know some do manage to achieve such positions, but it is rarely the case, as most fair minded decent human beings would want to be as far away as possible from any kind of culture where abuse of power is endemic.

I have a deep distrust of police. Glasgow is a 3rd world joke of a city no offence to 3rd world countries meant. Of course if the government keep getting their way… Glasgow is the future folks. I think I get it now…. Explains a lot. Jeezo bellend ya cranky knob….. However…if you are Jimmy Savile….

ACAB graffiti Currys PC World Glasgow Road EH12 - Viewing a problem :: FixMyStreet

Then the criminal commits it. It just proves the authorities and their shills are worried that the truth is finally getting out. So, bellend fails in his agenda: well done bellend, and in a strange way…. No not all Coppers are bastards. Some might be thugs of course. But certainly not all. Whereby most criminals are acting out against people and more often than not use thuggish brutality in their methods.

Violence begets violence. Brute force is alas sometimes called for — however wrong it is. It is a wonder more police do not thump more thugs. Being spat at pissed on and threatened is not funny. I do not agree with any kind of brutality. But lets not pretend the wrong doers are all angels and do not throw punches. If coppers are bastards then so to are the thugs and vandals. I agree with most of what you write but not calling all coppers bastards.

A very good point. Personally, I have met some very nice police people. I have also been in the unfortunate position to have to call them, and on an individual level they were ok. It is almost as if the perpetrators are then rewarded.

ACAB Pants

This helps no one. I suffered an assault and battery, late December , along with a couple of others. The police were very helpful at the time…. No action was taken. My assailant got a payment of Housing Benefit to which he was not entitled, which he pocketed and the Police used me as a scapegoat for the anti social side of his behaviour. They went to the corner shop and told the management it had been my responsibility to control the behaviour of this man 5 foot tall 50 year old woman, 34 ex army male ha ha.

There was a lot of anti social behaviour in the area which the police were inept at handling. So they said it was my responsibility to sort it. I was not able to control the behaviour of a large number of drunks and smack heads. I got the moral blame for the lot. I have also witnessed 4 police people pin down a 21 year old girl because she asked to finish her drink. That was so rong…. After spending the weekend watching without commenting the utter shyte and vitriolic abuse spouted on this site I have come to the following conclusions.

Thought there was a massive conspiracy by a global governance in this case the Jewish people stopping them achieving their goals therefore set out to destroy it. Hatred is never good but I think you are being too generous to yourself and the fairness of your own comments compared to those whom you complain about. As mentioned above you condemn through the choice of your name those whom you do not like even before you begin dialogue.

You cannot blame people for thinking you are merely a troll and what you write has nothing to do with convictions. If you really want to share your views and hear those of others then try copying Duncan and see how you get on then. Though you might not appreciate it, empathy only comes through hard experience for many people, those who post here are often at then end of their tether through people like you.

Some fair points John and I will take them on board , but regarding them thinking me a troll because of the id I use, by their responses do they not make my assumptions correct? Difference is I got off my arse when money ran out and did something about it instead of bitching about it on a website. Ploceman come from the same stock of human beings that contains the good and not so good.

Taking the law into your own hands in a particular case may seem a perfectly just thing in the mind of one person but very wrong to soemone else. The emergence of civilization is marked by the emergence of social norms that society agrees is for the common good. If everyone decides that they know best then society will tend towards chaos. You may live in an area where there is plenty of jobs at present. What ATOS is doing at the behest of the government is a form of euthansia not just in the metaphorical but literal sense.

To pick out the extreme cases of fraud in order to whitewash what is being done to everyone else is of course another well known Nazi tactic. Nobody here needs to be told that human beings are not perfect and there will be some who will game any system for ill-gotten gains but you will be subject to ridicule if you use that argument with the vast majority of people who do not fraudulently claim expenses, do not take money for questions, do not take payback after retiring from politics from big business whom they favoured.

This may seem to you extreme talk but I assure you it is not written in haste of without forethought: There is an ideological war being waged against the unemployed, sick and what are considered the non-productive members of society. In the monochromatic world of Ian-Duncan-Smith, Osborne, their think tanks and lets face it, most of the Labour party there is only two shades: black and white.

There are strivers and skivers etc.. I promise to listen to you if you introduce some colour to your landscape view of the world and leave behind the dishonest rhetoric of Westminster. You should actually be apologising fo presuming that my post was in any way aimed at your experience.

The main focus of the this thread has been an attempt to label all poilice are bastards as is highlighted by the intelligently named A. B Which the thread in itself proves to be incorrect. U came on this site to inflame and upset people and to moralise. Maybe the idea of an opposing opinion is what reallyoffends you cassandra as you have yetto come up with any proof whatsoever of your accusations. I have still yet to see your condemnation for the abuse hurled in my direction or is it a case of I threw the first punch so I deserved it?

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Subscribe: conservatives-subscribe yahoogroups. Subscribe: UKTories-subscribe yahoogroups. Mate, you really are fairly small minded. Your little rant there appears to be describing yourself more than anybody else here. The people here have mostly just replied to you in a civil manner, but you continue to reply with judgemental, aggressive nonsense.