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Specific Relief Act

Section 5 — Recovery of specific immovable property. Section 6 — Suit by person dispossessed of immovable property. Section 7 — Recovery of specific moveable property. Section 8 — Liability of person in possession, not as owner, to deliver to person entitled to immediate possession. Section 9 — Defences respecting suits for relief based on contract.

Case Law Digest on Specific Performance Cases

Section 10 — Cases in which specific performance of contract enforceable. Section 11 — Cases in which specific performance of contracts connected with trusts enforceable. Section 12 — Specific performance of part of contract. Section 13 — Rights of purchaser or lessee against person with no title or imperfect title.

Case Law Digest on Specific Performance Cases | Specific Performance | Lawsuit

Section 14 — Contracts not specifically enforceable. Section 15 — Who may obtain specific performance. Section 17 — Contract to sell or let property by one who has no title, not specifically enforceable. Section 18 — Non-enforcement except with variation. Section 19 — Relief against parties and persons claiming under them by subsequent title. Section 20 — Discretion as to decreeing specific performance. Section 21 — Power to award compensation in certain cases.

Section 22 — Power to grant relief for possession, partition, refund of earnest money, etc. Section 23 — Liquidation of damages not a bar to specific performance. Section 27 — When rescission may be adjudged or refused. Section 28 — Rescission in certain circumstances of contracts for the sale or lease of immovable property, the specific performance of which has been decreed. Section 29 — Alternative prayer for rescission in suit for specific performance. Section 34 — Discretion of court as to declaration of status or right.

Section 37 — Temporary and perpetual injunctions. Section 38 — Perpetual injunctions when granted. Section 40 — Damages in lieu of, or in addition to, injunction. Section 42 — Injunction to perform negative agreement. Your Book Shelf Is Empty. Your Cart Is Empty. Book Locator? Get the complete set of Supreme Court cases. Learn More. Supreme Court on Code of Civil Procedure.

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Central Sales Tax Act, Chance Witnesses. Chandigarh Sale of Sites and Buildings Rules, Charge Sheet. Child Witness. Circumstantial Evidence. Civil Law.

Civil Procedure Code, Civil and Criminal proceedings. Companies Act, Complaint against a director of a company. Compounding of an offence. Compromise Decree. Concealment of fact. Condonation of delay. Consent Decree. Constitution of India, Consumer Protection Act, Contempt of Courts Act, Contracts relating to re-conveyance of property.

Specific Relief Amendment Act, 2018

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Deposition of witness. Difference between an electrical device and an electronic device. Disability Pension. Disclosure Statement. Discrepancy in Medical Evidence and Ocular Evidence. Discretionary Powers. Dishonour of Cheque.

Specific Relief Act

Disposal of the seized vehicles. Distinction between review petition and recall petition. Doctrine of Lis Pendens. Doctrine of Prejudice.

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Exemplary Costs. Explanation to a Section. Expression Ordinarily. Extra Judicial Confession.

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