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I have to chose some special clothes for my talks. Hopefully they will use my ideas in their own ways to help them to create their drawings and stories. I will be bringing one of my models, but it is a secret for now. The yarn is from The Hebrides Islands and is very beautiful. I will also bring some books, particularly about poultry genetics. I raise chickens for show. The color patterns of chickens are carried in their genes and it is difficult for me to understand. My solution it to keep reading the books and looking at the photos.

All chicken colors come from only two color pigments, black and red, White is the absence of pigment, but some colors are diluted, so you can get grey, brown and orange. Happy reading,. This is the Chappel bridge at the edge of Lake Lucerne. At the concerts I have been going to in this part of Europe many of the elegant ladies are wearing their dirndls, and the men, traditional jackets. In my mind, my story took place in the not so distant past, and certainly a time when gingerbread cookies could come alive when the oven door is opened too soon!

So there is a large amount of fantasy as well. Many Swiss towns look unchanged from the olden days if one edits out signs, cars and telephone wires! Many restaurants will be filled with antiques and be made of stone hundreds of years old. Old fashioned metal steamships, I think now outfitted with diesel go back and forth. My favorite has a beautiful wooden gilded rooster on its bow. In the center of Lucerne a covered footbridge crosses the Reuss River. Its covered with flowers in summer and greens in the winter, and it is charming with its carved wood beams and railings.

To top if off, when you stroll across, there is a tower completely surrounded by the river in the center. The hunt is never over for the kind of details that will make a book seem grounded in my version of reality. One other source for inspiration are the many bakeries with windows bursting with fanciful concoctions. I have 16 double page spreads in my book and each is decorated with swirls of frosting.

I hope to find a cooking book with old fashioned designs at one of the antique bookstores.

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Most of the cities have a Christmas festival, and I was lucky enough to travel to Germany in December. There are hundreds of stalls where Christmas decorations are sold, many of them handmade. One of the images I carry back after a trip to Europe is people carrying their small dogs about… in knapsacks, in the backs of bicycle even at the tables in restaurants. The dogs seem very happy about it. I have been making notes on all the dog transporting. So far my favorite was the double lidded basket with the dogs head peeking out and looking very interested in the world.

I promise you they will end up in my book. They will definitely add a little tension because dogs would love a bite of a gingerbread! Although I have completed my book dummy I still have time to add things to my book. Those are the decorated papers that attached the signatures sewn pages onto the cover and back.

1. Is Henna Good For Your Hair?

Many artists like the end papers to be a solid color, but recently I have been painting decorated ones. Happy writing, illustrating and creating,. After the intensity of finally wrapping it up under pressure, I worry that I will have missed something. That being said, if my deadline were to be extended I would probably perfect and change things to the detriment of the book! I have seen the printed pages, but it looks and feels differently when it is a bound book with end papers. We looked over the first two pages and it went well. Because I have done two Gingerbread stories previously, the characters will remain somewhat the same and the setting will still be Switzerland.

The borders will be in the shape of musical instruments with a double bass shape, the largest of the stringed instruments in a symphony orchestra. I also have added a slurry of musical notes and luckily I asked my husband, a professional musician with the Boston Symphony Orchestra if I had painted them correctly. I used to play the clarinet in school and I was surprised at myself for not knowing which way the staff on a note goes. In the third floor of our house I have a big airy room with a balcony for a library. All the novels and non-picture books are in other bookshelves downstairs.

Occasionally I feel a little guilty about 45 years of books collected, but this week I have had nothing but happy thoughts! I have made numerous trips to Europe, following my husband and the Boston Symphony and doing research. I never return without books from museums, outdoor museums and tourist spots, filling at least one suitcase.

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I rediscovered one book with Alpine interiors and lots of furniture and people in traditional clothes. It is one of the ways I can create an atmosphere in my books. When I was a child, we had family friends, Jean and Bob Hoss who had antique German glass ornaments for their Christmas tree, hundreds of them.

Around the base was a white sparkley cloth with a village and figures. The best part was that there were small candles in antique holders, weighted by lead stabilizers. After eggnog and delicious cookies made by Mrs. Hoss, several of the parents stood by around the room with fire extinguishers. The house was a wooden New England Cape filled with antiques and much was flammable. When the clock chimed, the tree was lit. It was a beautiful and unique sight, glowing in the darkened room.

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In my book, I will be able to recreate a beautiful Christmas tree. I admire the idea that we would take a tree, so beautiful but not exalted and make it a focal point. I hope you will take an idea and add your research and memories and create a painting or story. Spring is around the corner and nothing could be more exhilarating and inspiring than going for a long run in our beautiful towns of Hingham and Norwell Massachusetts.

Snow on the ground and ice covered lakes make a great show case for reddish maple tops just coming into bud and the vernal pools that are full of life and are a mahogany green from the tannins from the fallen leaves. We are anxiously awaiting for the ice to melt to see if our eight Koi — goldfish survived the winter. They both have fold out pages near the end of the book, and in my new story, there will be a fold out Christmas tree, covered with ornaments including lots of cookie ornaments.

The Gingerbread Baby will be running away as usual and he picks a hiding place on the tree. I will make it nearly impossible to figure out which ornament in the Gingerbread Baby who has the biggest challenge of his life, being quiet and being perfectly still. I remember that when I was little, it was very hard to be quiet and perfectly still. When I was in fifth grade and took up playing the clarinet I could never imagine the hours and hours I have spent as an adult, not playing, but listening to classical music. My husband, Joe Hearne plays the double-bass in the Boston Symphony Orchestra and I almost always get a ticket to the weekly performance.

In my story, Matti bakes gingerbread instruments, including a bass and a clarinet. He peeks in the oven before they are baked and they come out alive and playing! I think there will be some intense research in that area. I love chocolate, but I like a lighter feel to my books and dark chocolaty brown would work as an accent color, but not as the whole border. Since the book is set in Switzerland, and we are planning a trip in late summer, I hope to find some special European confections that will ad flavor to the book! I have almost finished a miniature, cartoon-like version of my book, called a dummy, and I am looking forward to going over it with my editor in New York in a few weeks.

This is when the story is still flexible and easy to change. My favorite part is painting the finished pictures and I have to remind myself to be patient. Good luck with your creative projects. All the wild birds are eager to eat before the storm and since the feeder is in front of the window, we have a bird feeder theater. The birds plumage against the white snow is ever inspiring, and maybe this showcasing of white is why my books with snow in them are my favorites. Our Red Bellied woodpeckers are large and have black and white stripes in a ladder pattern up their back.

On their head is a splash of vibrant orange-red. The Flickers, another woodpecker, in flight flash a brilliant yellow gold on the underside of their wings. The backs are brown with white tiger stripes and the bellies are cream with black polka dots. I get compliments all the time. It IS messy, and it takes a lot of time, comparatively. I hate to do it, but I love the color. Henna is a commitment, and the color results depend on the color of your hair. Lucille Ball was a natural blonde, so it can be that orange.

Mine is an auburn shade. Mehandi has an ebook that illustrates the various colors. So do your research before you commit. And do a strand test to get the right shade. The longer you leave it on, the darker it will be. I have natural black hair and dont want to go lighter or anything; i just want a black brown coverage again. I used lush henna on my hair — all i wanted to do was cover my roots that come up over my forehead and temples not a pretty sight! I Started with Noir which i understand has indigo in it that stopped taking — according to the lovely lush shop assistant, my hair had stopped taking it.

I had a similar issue with my roots no longer absorbed the henna. Might be worth a shot! I highly recommend Nazeer Henna. I think it used to be stocked at the Body Shop. It comes in great shades including a really lovely auburn brown.


I stopped using henna after I bought the red Jamila and it turned my grey hair at the front goldfish orange. After my goldfish result I had a darker rinse and it was fine. Hairdressers fear henna- if there were a cheaper alternative to salon colour a lot of salons would close. They will tell you henna has metallic salts- most do NOT. Hairdressers have quite a mystique in our society which puts us under constant pressure to something we are not.

Over the years, I cut and dyed my own hair and had enough money left over to buy a brand new car and take a holiday overseas. I used Henna in February. Now my hairdresser tells me I cannot relax my hair. How long do I have to wait? Thanks for any information you can give me. I know many who relax and use pure henna without any issues. Thank you for this article. I often color my hair red and was considering the LUSH henna for a more natural alternative.

The henna is just more complicated and messy than I would have liked. Both take several hours to set. Let it set out overnight. I use gloves and black towels and I have a removable shower head for rinsing it out. The color is always brightest the first day and then it settles a bit darker. This is the absolute best, healthiest way to maintain red hair. Red is just so hard to keep in chemically and I already have lighter red hair.

Ive been using Henna regularly and i was wondering if shampoo that used for color protection of dyed hair is required for henna treated hair or regular shampoo is fine too? Hello, Please help me. I had light to medium brown hair and used chestnut brown henna to color my hair and roots, and my hair color is now very very black.

Is there anything I can do to lighten it up again without going to the hair solon to add highlights? It is a mix with chemicals as well, which is why they can offer the wide variety of different colours, ranging from blonde to light chestnut to red to black.

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Rather stick to pure henna…. Probably a little late for you now Megan, but for anyone coming to this sight for information this might help. I have been using henna in my hair for about 3 years now. Although if trying to go lighter afterwards you might still end up with a red tint to it.

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Also if you want to lift henna with little to no damage you could either use honey lightening treatments natural RAW honey diluted with distilled water — 1 part honey to 4 parts distilled water with repeated applications. It may take many applications to get results but will not damage hair at all. Maybe just a little dry. I would like to inform readers that it does not take hours for color permeation. Beyond that there is no further color enhancement on the hair, only the benefit of the cocoa butter nourishing the hair.

Also, LUSH sources its Henna ingredients ONLY from producers that do absolutely zero animal testing, have good working condition for the workers and produce the product in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Hello ladies, a guy here askin for help,I am full blood native with long black hair, been using dyes u buy at Wal-Mart,Walgreens, etc. Lookin for something natural,I have grey roots. Havin black hair when grey starts to come in, it is pretty noticeable after they start growin out,lol,trying to find something simple for my roots, wanna keep my black hair, help!!

I dye my hair black using henna and indigo so that is what I recommend. After years of chemical dyes that dried my hair and absorbed chemicals into my scalp, I switched to LUSH henna a year ago. The grey has come out as highlights and it looks natural, with a tinge of auburn. I use a wide art brush for application which makes it easier and leave the mix on for hours.

I do find however that I need re-application every three weeks as the grey closer to the scalp seems to fade significantly faster than the ends. Not too mention I am no longer washing those chemicals into the environment. My hair has never been healthier and the added shine is a bonus.

After days of research and realizing that a henna application is a commitment once started, there is no looking back for me. However, as my gray continues to grow in, one day I may wake up and shave all my hair off to allow it to regrow au-natural.. Can anyone please advise me how long I should wait before using henna on my hair after synthetic hair dyes. I last had my hair colored and foiled 6 months ago. Hello, Megan! Do you know some site to recomend? That said I have used Henna for 2 years and love it — I have not use Lush and may give them a try but if you want a natural way to color your hair do it!!

I applied it as a regular dye and it is actually easier to apply without making a mess, because of the muddy consistency I used a professional brush and parted the hair as I do with a regular dye. Well, I have grey and black hair well, very dark which is streaked with grey — more grey by the month , and I am itching to try Henna. No hairdressers in my town will touch it, but a few friends are game to help me.

So what results might I achieve? Mix with hot or cold water, or cider vinegar? Suggestions and thanks. Hello There!!! Another question I have is my chemically colored hair is pretty close to the wine red henna,what color would my hair be if I use this color henna,would I be able to achieve the color that they show as the vibrant wine red?

Should I use henna before my grey roots really start showing? I do not know very much about using henna so any advise you could offer would be greatly appreciated,Thank you very much! Thick, wavy, dark brown, waist-length hair, I get through a lot. Never had any problems with ordering it this way. Use plenty, as extra can be frozen for later use, and too much is better than not enough! I use around g powder for full head. Cover with boiling water appx 3 parts water to 1 part henna and mix. Cover pillows with an old towel, as some goop will inevitably find its way out of its plastic prison.

Rinse with a LOT of warm water, and comb through to thoroughly remove any remaining cowpat residue. Pulling the excess mixture through the lengths and ends just before rinsing is enough to boost any fading. Reader Favorites filed in: tips. How I Stopped Binge Eating. Post navigation Previous Post. Next Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Comments Comment navigation. Newer Comments. Angela I have used henna for several years and have been very pleased with the results. Carianne I just had a nightmare experience with the Surya henna last night. Emma Smith I actually love using the Light Mountain brand henna, with a fox on the box. Meagan Pure henna or natural henna works in great way to achieve desired results.

Jema Emma, what does the vinegar and lemon juice do for the process? CJ Stewart some 40 years ago, I used to buy henna in my local drugstore. Gita Try any Indian store. Patricia Try just for redheads. I have been using their henna for a year now. Love it. Linda Hi! Fenton I buy it the same way as recently as four years ago in san francisco at a little natural products store on Valencia st between 23rd and 22nd. Gwen Carson That was the Nestle Henna, loved it. Alina Yeah, unfortunately…not the best thing when you are trying to be all healthy and natural and green but hey….

Gabby the veggie nook THanks for these tips! Tess Carla, do you have any greys? How do they turn out? Crista You are great for printing these tips for folks! Liliana Christa: I thought the same thing! Also, a word can mean the same thing in more than one language : Reply.

Means the same in Greek too. Nabeah It also means baby in Hindi ;P. Tess Hah! And this symbol comes up when you type caca- Reply. Stephanie where do you get it? Sam You can only get bright red if your natural hair colour is already light. I also get mine from henna sooq www. Tressie Try mehandi. Crystal I realize your post is probably old but can you please tell me how your hair turned out from the Ancient Sunrise Auburn that you got from mehandi. Eze where can one get your products around Awka Anambra state Reply.

Indian Henna, also known as Mehandi, is used on hand, elbows and feet of an Indian bride. Bobbie W Can I use Henna on my hair that has been colored treated with a semi-permanent? Jazz I have before, and it turned out patchy. Esme Is Henna permanent or semi permanent? Megan In my experience, it is permanent.

Gail My experience is with Rainbow Henna and the Surya mix that someone mentioned. Meagan I am very happy with the results of deep red henna from this company. Check with them Reply. Carina Hello there ladies! Maggie I use Jamila as well, and I love it. Sara As a former employee of Lush, I can tell you that there are no harsh chemicals in their henna. Katie Hamilton We actually buy our henna directly from the growers in India.

AM thinking of making the switch, but have been using these products for years…Carol Reply. The only drawbacks I find are: — The dying takes some planning since you have to mix the henna with some lemon juice the night before I set it in my slow cooker on for a bit to keep it warm. DeeDee Bev- You really have some great experience! BJ Koobserat salon applies my henna.

Elaine Look for local salons that cater to Indians the asian kind not the native red kind — the ones that do eyebrow threading and henna tattoes. Jonelle I just wanted to thank all of you for the great information on henna. Nikki I just wanted to say that not being able to dye over your henna is a myth. Fawnita Thanks for sharing some tips, but how much of the terps, the ginger root powder, and the lemon juice should be used to get rid of the smell?

Rylan A possible reason you may have had an issue is that most box dyes have metallic salts in them, along with certain treatments such as sun in. Rylan Harvest moon definitely does not have metallic salts in it. Raybena I have just dyed my hair using completely natural henna. Sabine Hi! Mollika Doss If u want to use henna without changing the color of Ur hair make a paste with the required amount of henna with sour curds.

Debra Henna Color Lab sells all natural neutral henna conditioner in 3 varieties that will not affect your hair color, in addition to a nice variety of all natural henna hair dyes. Barbra Boiser white henna is colorless and only conditions the hair and does not color it at all. HV According to hennaforhair. I have naturally light blonde hair and I really want a vibrant red Reply.

JenP Yes, as long as your henna is pure and unadulterated, and as long as you are not one of the very rare individuals who are allergic to the plant, it is safe to use. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again.


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