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Garnier was found guilty of witchcraft and lycanthropy and was burned at the stake. Reportedly, in , some men had come upon the mutilated body of a boy in the woods.

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Two wolves were spotted tearing at the body, but took off as the men approached. The men pursued the wolves, following their bloody tracks until they lost them. At the same time, the men spotted Roulet, bloody and half-naked, crouching in the woods nearby. Roulet was captured and arrested.

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He confessed to the murder and said that he had a salve that turned him into a wolf. He made no claims to witchcraft or of having made a deal with the devil. He was convicted of murder, cannibalism, and lycanthropy, and was sentenced to death. His case was appealed though, and he ended up being determined feeble-minded.

He was instead sentenced to undergo religious education for two years and sent to an asylum. This story involved a group. According to Werewolves. The traveler fought the beast, wounding it and causing it to flee. The traveler was suspicious, and he reported the entire incident to the authorities who captured the man and tortured him.

Michel Verdun confessed that he was a shapeshifter.

Fantastically Wrong: The Strange Real-Life Origins of the Fiendish Werewolf

He also confessed to murder, cannibalism, and trafficking with the devil. Lastly, he named two other men who were also shapeshifters, Pierre Bourgot and Philibert Montot. The two named men were brought in for questioning, and Bourgot confessed also, to shapeshifting and to committing some other pretty heinous crimes.

Bourgot claimed he was told only later that the deal included renouncing God, and that he received the ointment from Verdun which allowed him to shapeshift, and the two men jointly killed at least two children. The district was faced with an actual wolf which was killing and eating their livestock and eventually made the step up to killing people.

A hunting party went after the wolf with a number of dogs and drove the wolf into a well where it was killed. These days, we hear of werewolves primarily in movies, and they are sometimes feared, sometimes pitied. Either way, when the movie is done, the werewolf question is resolved. Turns out mine was one of the last Eady pictures made.

An American Werewolf in London (1981) - The Slaughtered Lamb Scene (1/10) - Movieclips

London was quaintly chaotic as far as filming went - it was basically a case of persuading the local bobby on the beat, and if they said you could do it, you were sort of OK. They loved it - and, whaddaya know, suddenly I had permission to shoot in Piccadilly Circus. So we rebuilt the Circus off-site and rehearsed the big crash scene many times and my crew were drilled like a Formula One team, so when it came to the big bus crash we could clear it up and do another take in seconds.

Boy, we worked fast.

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At that time, you couldn't find what they then called a "coloured" face to be an extra. Eventually, after a big stand-off, the unions gave in and we got 'coloured' faces into the background. I went to meet them afterwards and, I don't know why, I just offered them a part in the movie. With the footage in the can - including those aforementioned, post-production mini-shoots to produce the wolf moments - Landis could return to the States to edit and get his film into shape to be seen….

Next: Out In The Wild. Out In The Wild Deep into editing, Landis screened his various cuts for colleagues and friends to judge their reaction. Among the edits he made was slicing out some footage of the tramps being killed at the junkyard in order to tone the scene down - but he's since said that he regrets making the edit.

More than one cut exists - there's an unrated version with extra blood and gore, but which is rarely seen these days. As usual while making his films, Landis loaded it up with winks and nods to his previous work - so we get a look at See You Next Wednesday in this case, a porn film and even a sly Animal House mention.

Plus, while editing, the director selected a soundtrack that featured only songs with "Moon" in their title - 'Blue Moon', 'Moondance', 'Bad Moon Rising' and more. He tried to get several others, including Cat Stevens' 'Moonshadow' and Bob Dylan's cover of 'Blue Moon', but both requests were denied. And you might notice in the credits that there's an odd note congratulating Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their wedding - made to balance the fact that during the scene that finds David trying to get arrested, he shouts "Prince Charles is gay.

Always best not to offend the queen, though we doubt it would've won a Royal Command Performance anyway. The film finally howled into cinemas on August 21, , with wolf-frenzy slowly overtaking filmgoers. People were expecting a spoof, or at least a lighter film, and it starts off on a light enough note.

So I think that was the biggest shock.

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People didn't know how to review it. This isn't a spoof guys, this is John's attempt at scaring you - and he did. It wasn't a huge initial hit but, over the years, it has become one of those films that has stood the test of time and one that you-have-to-see.

When I go to conventions and signings somebody has to tell me where they were when they saw it, were they able to sit through it, or did they have to leave or look away, did they have to see it again because of the parts they'd missed Since then, however, we've had to endure a follow-up Next: From Paris Without Love. From Paris Without Love One of the lesser known facts about the first film is that when Landis ran into problems with acting union Equity, he briefly considered ditching Britain's capital and moving the production to France. He even went so far as to scout locations in Paris, with an idea that if he couldn't resolve his UK troubles, he'd rename the feature An American Werewolf In Paris and shoot there.

It never happened, but the idea came back to haunt him when a group of companies decided to make a follow-up in